Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Proud of myself....

I've made the decision to stop smoking! The only reason that I had started back up was because it's a stress thing for me....the day my world was turned on its side, I went and bought a pack. That was around Thanksgiving 2009. So, a year and a half later, I'm quitting. Work has a smoking cessation program, and I asked my boss if they would pay for acupuncture. I've always been an alternative medicine/therapy type of person, so thought I'd try it out. My last cigarette was on Monday, March 21st, just after lunch. Had my first acupuncture session that afternoon, and I haven't smoked since! I was doing really well the 24 hours, but around hour 30 (so 7:30 pm last night, March 22), I had a really bad craving. I almost gave in. I found some cigarettes that were in my car that I had forgotten about in my console.....oh, it was hard, but I resisted!

I've also come up with my secret postcard to send in to PostSecret....I could post it here, but what's the point? It's a secret! It involves me and my son, and my worries as a mom. That's all I'll give ya.

I was talking to Zach the other night about the constellations. The stars were out, and absolutely beautiful. I pointed out Orion to him, and showed him his "belt". He wanted to know who Orion is, so I started explaining to him that he was a Greek legend, the Great Hunter. Zach started asking questions, and I began explaining Greek mythology. Um, DUH. One of my goals is to re-read Greek mythology...perfect! So I told Zach that I would get a book that he could understand, and we could read about it together. He got pretty excited about it. He knows about Hercules because of Disney's movie, and therefore, a bit about some of the gods and goddesses. Leave it to Disney to explain!!! HAHA!

So that's my scoop for now. Karaoke is still going well :) Regular "game" night has sort of evolved into a "regular friends night"....we might hang out at someone's house watching a movie, go bowling, or head down to the local bar for dinner and enjoying everyone's company. Of course, there's always regular karaoke nights too!

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