Monday, November 12, 2012

It's been a long's an update for a BUNCH!!

Wow, a lot has happened since the last time I posted (jeez, July 2011!!)

#4- Have brunch with/for my friends

#5- Tailgating!!!!

#26- Re-read Greek mythology...this is my favorite book for mythology 

#35- Find a beer that I actually like! 

#19- Try a new kind of food...crab legs- they weren't too bad.  Not something I'll eat on a regular basis, lol. 

#13- Learn a couple signature dishes that I'd be proud to serve to anyone.  (working on another one)
This one is Korean Beef, modified to use ground beef instead of sliced beef.  My neighbor, Lynni, made it for me one night and it's already become a staple!!  Quick and easy, and so DELICIOUS!! 

#29- Go to a waterpark and not feel self-conscious and #18- Do more fun things with Zach
I got an overnight stay at the Wasserbahn for Zach's birthday. 
Jake and his mom came with us, and we had a blast!!

In addition to the above pic, we did lots more fun stuff.  

Glow in the dark Mt Dew

Hockey game- we won!

Carving pumpkins

Horizons Night at the Ballpark- Star Wars Night!

In June 2012, my cousin Nate got married.  We took a big family trip down to North Carolina.  Zach and I drove down with Mom and Dad, and we picked up Lori, Troy and Cooper in North Carolina.

Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum 

Exotic Animal Drive-Through Farm

The walking part of the exotic animal farm

My cousin, Nate, works in Nascar.  Zach and my dad are big Nascar fans, so we had to go tour a few facilities, including an in-depth, behind the scenes tour of Nate's shop at Earnhart Ganassi Racing. 

At Nate's was held in a quarry that was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! 

 A few more that I don't have pictures for....
#17- Sing and dance in the rain.  
Jen, Tayla, Cody, Jess and I were grilling out one night and it started downpouring.  Me, Jen and Tayla started splashing around and running through the puddles and stream down the middle of the parking lot.  We had so much fun, and were DRENCHED!

#22- Buy a laptop.  
Happy Mother's Day to me, 2011

#28- Get up the nerve to ask a guy out and have him say yes.
Done and done.  Sadly, we aren't together anymore, but we are still very good friends.

#33- Submit an entry to PostSecret.
I can't tell you what it was though!

#23- Make a difference in someone's life like so many have made in mine.  
Seems like someone is always turning to me for advice, or just to talk.  I do my best to give advice, or just to listen when they need to vent.  One person specifically, I've been pushing to get his PTSD treated and encouraging him to stop drinking (same guy as #28).

#8- Use the savings accounts for Zach and me
I try my best, but it seems like something always comes up to deplete it :(  Always start over though.

#20- Fall in love again
Maybe not in the traditional sense that most think of (with someone else), but I am falling back in love with myself and learning to love myself for who and what I am.  I have to be happy with myself first before I can be truly happy with someone else.

#7- Explore and photograph old abandoned properties/ghost towns.
Some friends and I are making a trip to this place, Edinburgh Manor, in April 2013.  It's supposedly very haunted, and we are super excited to go!!! 

Another Two-Fer Combo
#25- Go to VEGAS and #12- Photograph a new city
Mandi and I are planning a trip to Vegas in March 2013!!  So stoked!! 

#34- Buy a new bed
I finally made the jump....after losing my comfy bed to Bret when I left, I've been using the mattress that my sister and I used when we were yeah, like 20-25 years old.  UGH.  I walked in to Mattress Firm the other day when they were having their Grand Opening Sale and walked out with a super comfy, ultra plush pillowtop, complete with cooling gel (oooh, lol) put on layaway.  I'll make payments on it, and hopefully have it before I turn 35 in August!  They did give me a helluva deal on it, half price!!

Well, I think that's it for updates!