Sunday, July 24, 2011

My beautiful new piece of art!

So, I signed my divorce papers this last week! Let the party planning commence!

I was off work for Thursday afternoon and all day Friday last week. Spent Thursday afternoon with friends at the pool, relaxing and then had a karaoke show Thursday night here in Ely. Good time all around.

Friday morning, I was signed up to do a Meals on Wheels route. Even though I had the day off work, I chose to go in and do my route anyway, because I felt like doing something good for the community. Seeing all the old people made me smile, and know that my volunteering is worth something.

On the way home, I drove past a tattoo shop and almost literally had to wrench my car away from turning into the parking lot. It wasn't the shop I wanted to go to, but the urge hit me that hard! So I turned to head towards the other shop and ended up stopping myself at the interstate and came home. Two reasons: 1) I hadn't thought through clearly what I wanted and 2) I wanted someone to come with me. So I head home, working through my thoughts. I wanted something that symbolized my strength and courage to move on with my life, but was feminine and still meaningful.

As I was driving home, Jen texted me asking what I was up to. I had thought she was working so I called her right away and asked what she was up to. She ended up not having to work, so I told her that she was coming with me to get a tattoo! I came home and started looking at designs. I had decided I wanted a tiger lily, my favorite flower ever- ditch variety please!

So I looked up the symbolism of the tiger lily... "The symbolism of the tiger lily is like other lilies in that they symbolize the feminine principle reflecting the qualities of mercy, compassion, kindness and unconditional love. Lilies are associated with the planet Venus, the water element and the goddesses Venus, [...]. However the Tiger Lily represents the more powerful aspects of femininity.
The tiger lily symbolizes female courage. It is a good flower for a career woman to carry in her bouquet down the aisle, and it's bold orange symbolizes personal wealth and career success.
The fact that the tiger lily is bright orange also speaks of joy, productivity and pride. The brown freckles on the flower's petals allude to the concept of always being in touch with one's creativity."

OMG, how perfect!!! So off we went, and Jeremiah happened to have an opening so he got started on the design. Here's the final product!!! It's not a great picture, but you get the idea. And it's so much prettier in person!